Module 05


Yesterday in the Great Smokies
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GEO 509: Workshop in Geospatial Technologies

Our Report


Using Kentucky's wealth of GIS data, can we do field work without leaving the office? Is this a methodology that other organizations could replicate? Could our analysis be used to inform decision making?


  • 01: Locate uncataloged bridges in a watershed.
  • 02: Measure bridge height over stream.
  • 03: Show inundation to 25ft above stream.
  • 04: Quantify modified terrain.

Field Trip?

  • Perhaps too ambitious.
  • UKy no longer has a motor pool for us to use.
  • Find one bridge on/near campus to test our methodology.


  • Politically hot topic in Eastern Kentucky.
  • A potential partnership with KFTC cooled.

A Report

  • Create a web page that summarizes our goals, methodology, and results.
  • Share with other organizations to help plan and prepare for future flood events.

Alpha Report

  • A simple web page showing your lab visualizations.
  • Instructions and submission
  • The final report will reference these sources and build on them.

Web Page Time!